SPACE BAR to start

W,A,S,D, key's to move. Try to dodge the fire balls and grab the ice chunks!

Now works with arrow keys!

you might need to refresh the page to play

link to the game:  this link is to another place to play the game.

Everything made by me


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Hello ! Can you make it playable with the arows ? I have an AZERTY keyboard =O


It's added, thanks for telling me :) I should probably add arrow key inputs to all my other games!

Yeaah thx!

Why did you make this with scratch and posted it on itch

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Because I didn't now how to use any other game engines, now I do


Hi everyone, the game is loading in Chrome on my Windows machine and on my dad's.  We haven't been able to get it to load on Apple devices. If you are having issues with the game loading, could you try it on a windows machine please?

Wrong link! Can't vote.

This isn't working for me too ;(